DJ Lady Sue

DJ Lady Sue
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  • Growing up in a family with all different musical tastes my mum and her rock n roll , my big sister's one was a northern soul girl and the other Tamla Motown and last but not least my dad. He was one of the first in our little town to have a sound system, playing reggae and ska. While I don't dislike other genres my love was and still is reggae , especially lovers and conscious tunes. I still have a great love for the old school tunes but always open to new good music and artists. I am not overly involved in playing in clubs , but started presenting shows as a volunteer for my community station and this has led me too where I am now. I have been fortunate to interview and meet artists that I have grown up listening to mainly due to being a volunteer presenter. As for hobbies of course music is a first but I also enjoy pottering around in my garden.


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