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DJ Royal Diadem
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  • From a very young age around 5 years old every Saturday my father taught me how to select and place records on the stereo gram.

    My father would practice his dance skills for the big dance. My father loved his reggae and sentimental songs. My mother loved Soul and would play these songs regular.

    My mum loved to play the radio as we were getting ready for school.

    As I grew up, I listened to radio Luxembourg, Tony Williams, David Rodigan. As a teenager I could not wait to get paid and then went off to the record shops to buy records. I was 16 years when my mother bought me a champagne-coloured record player!! I had a taste for Ska ,Revival, Blue beat, R&B, Lovers Rock, Roots and Culture and Gospel music

    People began to recognise my ability to sing. When I was in secondary school I would sing in school assemblies. This progressed to my friends and others inviting me to sing and play music at parties.

    I am now known as Royal Diadem, singer artist, songwriter, worship leader, radio presenter.

    God has been good to me. I currently have released a few singles, my own gospel songs for my debut album Hephzibah that's intended to meet the needs of people today, through my own testimonies and life experiences.


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