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DJ Empress VibezX
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  • Angela also known as XEmpress VibezX Music is my mission, I'm not in any competition is my Motto, Ive been blessed with THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD MUSIC, My father was a sound man went by the name of “Count Lasher” Everyone knew him as “Lasher” so I grew up with Music as the house parties or “Blues” was held in the house we lived in, My Mom would always be singing in the home, so this is where I think I liked to sing, I was in the church choir, I sang at school, when I went out partying I would grab the mic, I was in a couple of bands and then I decided to see if I could do something with a song I wrote, my sister Maureen was backing vocal, “Freddie” another musician who was also the driving force to book appointments to go to the studio etc, the song was built at Earth studio this was based in Lozells Birmingham, we decided to go to Jet star records based in London to see Mr Palmer ,after weighing up our options we decided if anything we would put the song out ourselves which we never did, Due to College Uni and been a Workaholic, Also I've been in a couple bands as backing vocalist with my sister Maureen aka” Lexy Lewis”, toured with The Stylist from America, came Third in search for a star that was run by a Newspaper.

    The music speaks for itself ( The love of Music) , I have faithful listeners (who have supported me from day 1 when I first started playing on air these include other Dj’s, Singers and musicians) who tune into my show every week Genre of music played I specialise in Revives of Lovers rock, Roots and Culture.


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